Is TIMMY Dating VIVIAN Or It’s Just A Mere Publicity Stunt??

Are TIMMY and VIVIAN  really in love, or it’s a long publicity stunt to promote their music projects. Timmy who is currently riding high with his new song “Trikideh” has a very tricky love life, late last year he was linked up with ‘Mafeelings’ hit maker DELA MARANGA,the two were even spotted kissing during one of the local award ceremony. We doubt if the two are still seeing each other because lately TIMMY aka Bad Boy of Kenyan Music has been spotted severally times hanging out with VIVIAN, it’s not yet clear if they are dating but the body language when they are together tells it all. To further prove that there’s something going on between the two, VIVIAN did a cameo appearance via her Instagram page on TIMMY’s New Video “Trikideh”. Some music lovers argue that the relationship is just a marketing strategy to promote their music careers. Neither TIMMY nor VIVIAN have made any claims as to the official status of their relationship, so until we find out what’s really going on, whether it’s true love or a promotional stunt still remains to be seen.



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