“Most Local Awards Are Bought” — GNL ZAMBA Speaks Out On Boycott Of Music Awards

Lugaflow rapper GNL Zamba has also spoken out on the boycott of local music awards. This comes after some of his fellow musicians, including Bebe Cool and Sheebah Karungi, asked to be withdrawn from the Club Music Video awards. The “Koi Koi” star alluded to most local music awards lacking credibility as he claimed that some of the awards are bought instead of being earned. “Now every artist is acting like boycotting awards is in. You are late to the party. I started doing that in 2014 after I won (bigly) and declined further nominations because I felt my work was being disrespected,” he said. “I was shocked that most local awards were bought instead of earned so I refused to have my brand used as a pawn.” “I’m not saying that all awards are bad or unnecessary but if your committee bows to patrons/sponsors or doesn’t have 3/4 of arts people judging, then I respectfully decline from your glass models purchased for cheap in Dubai.” He added.



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