This is What RADIO & WEASEL Management Has Decided After The Radio-Traffic Police Officer Scuffle

Following the recent Moze Radio-Traffic Police officer scuffle , we’ve speculated something like matters getting to courts of laws or something like that. After that humiliation that Radio got he came out and promised the traffic officer that with time, the World will manifest who is bigger than the other and all that was fixed in our heads was to drag the officer to court but this may not come to our way just like we thought.
Chagga Godfrey a faded singer and Radio and Weasel manager has come out to clear the air by asserting that they won’t go for court matters and the confusion because they are busy working on the upcoming Event
“We are busy with our 10 years of Radio And Weasel concert and not ready for cases here, courts there” Chagga mentioned. So let us look forward for 10 Years of RAW



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