“It’s Absurd For Youths To Think Me & BEBE COOL Have Real BEEF”—BOBI WINE

While appearing at the career guidance expo at KIU on Monday afternoon, Self-proclaimed Ghetto president Robert Kyagulanyi finally opened up on his friction with fellow singer Bebe Cool. When asked about his relationship with the singing nemesis, Bobi Wine was quick to trash it, expressing how sad it is that youths think their youth was real. He further expressed that he and Bebe have outgrown their differences, for they now are responsible people with careers and families to handle. “It’s actually unfortunate that our young people have been misled to think that there’s practical animosity between me and my comrade Bebe Cool. “ Bobi Wine said. Also adding that “Yes as artistes I must be honest we have had misunderstandings but it’s very minimal that it should even feature at such a time. Yes we had personal misunderstandings which I believe by now we have completely overgrown”. “We’re parents, we have children, and our children go to the same schools, our wives shop from the same areas. So as we grow, that one we have to automatically forget about it. You understand, it even embarrasses me to remember about it”.



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