We Cannot Put Ignorance in Wisdom’s Place, Chameleone Mourns For Kaweesi

On a sad note, Dr Jose Chameleone has come out to condemn the killers of AIGP and straightly talked to all haters who envy other people’s success. Chameleone has come out, staged in Lwengo at the burial of the late AIGP Kaweesi Felix and talked to the World in the most words of Wisdom.
In his statements, Chameleone says that he has failed to understand why people feel bad because someone is a step ahead of them, “I have failed to understand how people can almost crucify you for being just a step ahead.” Chamili cried.
To drive his anger and throw out to all haters, he moved on and advised people that there is no way you can put ignorance In wisdom’s place “We can’t Wise up by putting Ignorance in Wisdoms place.”
His statements have turned to be so touching and he in a nutshell threw a dice to dirty minded people that they are unknowingly cultivating a fruitless future, ‘’let us applaud winners and not condemn looser’’ he quipped and later said farewell to Kaweesi.



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