MAISHA NI KUJIPANGA!! Check Out This Massive Investment This Beautiful Ugandan Socialite is Starting

Anita Fabiola is set to upgrade her status from just being sit-in broadcaster and socialite to businesswoman, so we hear.  According to a reliable source, Fabiola will soon venture into importing hair. But unlike several people in the same business, she will do so using her own brand- Fabiola hair! Just like you, we immediately wondered how Fabiola had managed to raise the funds to invest into such a huge venture, and our investigations led us to finding out Fabiola has business partners who have been in the same business and only wished to expand their business with a branded product. We learnt that Fabiola and her partners recently made trips to India where they identified high quality hair types that will soon be rebranded as Fabiola hair. The launch of the hair products in Uganda will happen in a few weeks and this scoop will surely take them by surprise!
All the best Fabiola and team!



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