JULIANA’S KANYOMOZI’s Management Warns Bloggers Off Her Upcoming Album

At a time when fans are bracing for Juliana Kanyomozi’s forthcoming album, a directive from her management has been issued to the bloggers. In the statement that our sources has seen, bloggers and other online publishers are warned not to re-upload or circulate her music without official consent from the management.
“We’re in the process of releasing our new musical album (Audio/Video) and this process will be executed online using social media platforms running under the artist name and a few selected platforms run by other entities. Therefore, this notice serves to inform you to refrain from uploading this music (Audio/Video) without the official permission from the management team of the artist” the statement reads. The move, according to a source is aimed at hitting a targeted number of copy sales on Itunes, Amazon and other music purchasing platforms. Juliana Kanyomozi’s “I’m still here” album is expected to drop very soon with songs that are likely to take over the airwaves.



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