Did JULIANA KANYOMOZI Copy JLO’S Video Concept? Here’s Her Reply

When she released her first 2017 song “I’m still here” social media was quick to bash and point fingers at Juliana Kanyomozi, for allegedly stealing Jennifer Lopez’ script of “Ain’t your mama”. Photos grids and collages came out with many critics slamming her for over borrowing ideas from the aforementioned video.
While appearing on Sanyu FM’s Celeb select with Crystal Newman on Saturday, Juliana finally addressed the claims in a rather professional and calm tone. Surprisingly, Juliana says she had never watched the said video, as opposed to what everyone thought.
Here’s her full response on the issue:
“Believe it or not, I had not watched JLo’s Video before but when we were filming, I knew that I wasn’t the first one to do it, I had seen it before and I wasn’t really surprised” she said, adding that:
“But then I realized something while I was talking to my sister yesterday. She said, in art, there’s nothing you’ll ever, ever do and you happen to be the first one to do it”.
“Look at Beyonce, everything she’s done, people always come out and SAY “She stole it from someone” …but ou know it’s not really stealing, or copying and pasting…come on. It’s an inspiration, you get inspired by something. And for me, it wasn’t even a direct inspiration from JLo, because we were creating something…The script was written by Candice (Justin Campos’ wife)…and what she was trying to do was create different characters…Like different, completely opposite characters of women who go through all kinds of things but at the same time the experiences are the same time….Now I did all these roles because they kind of appeal to me in different ways. I’m the kind of woman who cleans my own house….So when I saw this idea, I was like oh wow, this is so me. I even saw someone (Online) saying “Oh my God she even went and bought the same yellow gloves” My dear friend, all gloves in the supermarket are yellow…There’s nothing that you’re going to do in Arts, that has never been done before…So Let’s just celebrate and look, it’s a beautiful song, It has a deep meaning, It’s an inspiring and uplifting song, so why would you go and concentrate on a few seconds of that video and leave the entire beautiful video…Let’s celebrate, and uplift each other “ she said.



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