Here’s The Reason Why JULIANA KANYOMOZI Opened The “KERON KABUGO FOUNDATION” Named After Her Late Son

Ugandan Singer Juliana Kanyomozi has finally opened up on why she opened the Keron Kabugo foundation late last year. During an interview with NTV The Beat’s Douglas Lwanga on Wednesday evening, the Nabikoowa singer said opening up the foundation in commemoration of her son was always her dream although she hadn’t found the right time.
“It was something I wanted to so since 2014, but I wasn’t in the right place like mentally, I put on hold until when I felt right. I waited for the right time so I put up a team and we launched it” she said. The singer also added the foundation would be helping mothers because it’s something she is passionate about.
“We first went to Wakisa ministries and the reason we went there was because of the background, most of the girls there are 11 years and my son was eleven years when he passed, they can’t stand by themselves ” she added.
When asked about being pregnant, the singer thanked her fans for wishing her well but asked them to let God take control.



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