French Montana aeleza alivyovutiwa na dancers watoto wa Uganda

Rapper French Montana ameeleza jinsi alivyovutiwa na watoto maarufu wa Uganda waliosaidia kumpa umaarufu Eddy Kenzo. Rapper huyo alikuwa nchini humo hivi karibuni na kufanikiwa kwenda kufanya video ya wimbo wake Unforgettable ambayo watoto hao wataonekana. Amesema aliwagundua watoto hao kupitia Youtube.

Kupitia Instagram, French ameandika:

I was on YouTube listening to music from one of my favorite African artists Cheb Hasni and found this video of these kids dancing barefoot in the mud and on rocks. No complaining or pain just so much joy in the music and dancing.

I watched with “Unforgettable” playing in the background and it hit me! Their moves went to the tempo and it was almost like God planned it! It inspired me to go find them in Uganda. My team and I searched and we found them.

When we arrived, it was so sad for me to find out that one of the kids in the video died before I got to meet him, and my favorite girl Patricia had just woken up from a 2 week coma. But it did not stop her from coming to the set and dancing barefooted with the others. These kids made my experience in Uganda #UNFORGETTABLE



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