Ray C Finally Speaks Out On Ringtone’s Desire To Marry Her, Does The Kenyan Gospel Singer Stand A Chance ??

Sometime back Kenyan Gospel singer Ringtone sensationally said he was ready to marry Ray C only to withdraw the statement later on saying he wanted to pray for Ray C and bring her on board in his then-anti-drugs campaign.

Yesterday on Radio Citizen’s #MamboMseto with Mzazi Willy M. Tuva, Rehema Chalamila popularly known by her stage name Ray C was interviewed via phone with the popular Radio Presenter, among the questions Tuva paused was Ringtone’s desire to ‘Marry her’, here’s what she replied

“Nilisoma hizo taarifa Kwa mitandao, namjua tu kama msanii kwanza wa Gospel, kwa hiyo nilishangaa sana ila ni mtu mzuri sana napenda anavyoshirikiana na wasanii wa Gospel wa Tanzania, ila hio haipo Kwenye ratiba yangu though”

When he was asked if RINGTONE stands a Chance, RAY C replied “aiiii hio hapana”. Ray C further added that her all time crush is President Uhuru Kenyatta and she hopes to meet him when she comes to Kenya in 3 weeks time. Ray C whom recently released her new song titled ‘Unanimaliza’ insisted that currently she’s very much single focusing on her musical career.



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