Vanessa Mdee steps into 2018 with a very shady mood

The bounce hitmaker is not usually known for throwing shade and clapping back at any shade thrown her way on snapchat. But hey! This time round vee money showed us a different side of her persona.

Grab your cups because we are about to serve you some tea..
So vee money took time to take things off her chest and gave a strict warning on what is being said about her in a negative way on her snapchat account  saying “ As for the rest of you.utabaki kusingizia ooooh ana danga, oooooh nimemt*mbaa , oooooh  X,Y,Z ntakulipia makeup American Nails SHENZI” .
Its just being four days in 2018 but jux’s better half is not settling for any negativity in her relationship and is ready to defend her dignity  with all she got.
Vanessa is in a love paradise with her man Jux for a long time despite of their relationship falling into rocks few months back and thus  she is not ready to see her name being tarnished  and ruin her relationship again.
well looks like Vanessa is in a war mood just to keep her relationship and making sure the past does not repeat itself.
We will wait and see what unfolds.



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