Is Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu’s love story lighting up again?

So have you ever heard of a saying that says first love never dies? Well this might have been revealed by the most loved and famous celebrities in Tanzania who were once a couple. We are speaking of the Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu and the most successful and talked about artist, Naseeb Abdul Juma, famously known as Diamond Platnumz.

Apparently these two have had a crazy love story; we can say they have been through hell, tarnished each other’s names, shamed each other on social media , broken up and getting back together again and so much more, they showed fun, love, hate and drama all in one and trust me the fans loved every minute of it.

But that love story ended in 2014. It was hard for the fans to believe but yes, it happened. Everyone thought it was a public stunt and that they will eventually get back together like they usually do but apparently, that was it for them.

Before we knew it… Boom! Diamond got himself the Ugandan Queen. Yes people… none other than, Zari The Boss Lady. Talk about a surprise

Despite him starting a relationship and family with the Queen, there still was plenty of drama. But of course, he was solid in their relationship. From this, no one ever thought he’d still have a thing with his ex-girlfriend, Wema Sepetu, but there they are. For the very first time Diamond and Wema were seen together since 2014 very closely on 28th January 2018 at Hyatt Regency Hotel when WCB were introducing their new artist for the very first time, Mbosso. Wema was invited here and they were seen very cozy with each other. This rose plenty of questions to the fans especially when Diamond was seen dodging Wema’s kiss!

Well, this video made headlines all over the country; What’s more interesting is when Wema introduced Diamond on stage at Maisha Basement the same night.  This surprised plenty and sure put ideas in our minds; especially since it took a while for him to even comment on it on his instagram profile. And what’s more is he only told his fans to calm down for it’s not good for him to still be beefing with people (implying her we figured) and if they really do support him then they should also find it to be good progress instead of expecting him to go the other way round. But fans still find it disrespectful since he has a family with Zari the boss lady putting in mind his recent scandals of cheating on her and she mentioned in an interview that she forgave him and they’re good, and now he surprises us with another woman not long after, even if he said he will not leave Zari and his family no matter what happens. Confusing isn’t it?

Oh well, I guess that’s just how it is. No one can really know what happens in their homes. To be on the safe side expect anything..



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